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How to Clean your Carpets at Home

Cleaning carpets is continuously a considerable sport for some people. Many tend to delay this task as much as they can. The regular stains and spills are often treated, but the maintenance seems like a tedious activity.

Having a carpeted home, one often thinks about the cleaning companies with their huge trucks. At the same time, traditional cleaning services are just one of the many available options. 

Carpet Cleaning Machines for Homes

Some time back owning a carpet cleaner seemed like a huge deal. For a few years, the market for home-based carpet cleaning machines has expanded. As of today, there are numerous appliances for cleaning carpets for us to choose from. The price ranges for these appliances are also quite budget-friendly.

You will be able to find mind-blowing deals on them as well after a little browsing through multiple retailers, especially around holidays.

Renting a Machine

If you’re not ready to invest, there is always the option of renting. Some of the grocery stores provide these rental services as well. Not only is this option super affordable but easily accessible too.

Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Whether you would want to purchase a machine or rent, it is up to you. However, what solution you’re going to use is something you need to keep in mind. Many manufactures suggest what product would work best with their machine.

Not only would these solutions cost as much as renting a machine would. They might also not be handy for the fabric of your carpet. An effortless alternative is to make your solution at home.

Homemade Solution for Cleaning Carpets

The rental machines have a policy that suggests using a detergent. They also ask you to pay for the damages if the machine breaks and you’re using your solution. However, you can decide whether a detergent or homemade solution works for you. 

What you’ll need for the solution is water, baking soda, vinegar, and essential oil for the odour, and of course a cleaning machine. Before starting with this thoroughly vacuum your carpet. 

Spread an even, thin layer of baking soda on all of the carpet. You may use whatever jar suits best for you. However, a shaker lid will help with even distribution of the powder.

Mix the wet ingredients which include water, vinegar, and a few drops of the essential oil. Stir the mixture evenly and fill the tank of the cleaner with this. As you start vacuuming the carpet, the solution reacting with the soda will act as a scrub. Because of this scrub, the carpets will look brand new. In addition to the great cleaner, this solution will leave your carpets smelling great because of the lemon essential oil.

Having clean carpets will instantly help give your home a new and fresh vibe. Trying out the at-home remedies helps save tons of money as well.