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Carpet Cleaners Cairns Central

At Carpet Cleaners Cairns Central, we specialise in residential and commercial carpet cleaning Services. We have been in operation for more than a decade with a certified, professional team that has the expertise to provide you with exceptional service of the highest standards of quality. Carpet Cleaners Cairns Central serves a large area of Cairns and the surrounding suburbs.
All carpet cleaning technicians at Carpet Cleaners Cairns Central are properly trained and skilled to perform various types of fabric cleaning. This includes all aspects from stain removal, disinfection, pet odour, oil or grease removal from carpets, upholstery, and rugs. Our carpet cleaners also offer sanitisation services, including cleaning roof tiles and windows.
Here at Carpet Cleaners Cairns Central, we understand how important your carpet is for your homes or businesses because it provides an elegant touch to our customers’ properties need. Our cleaning services focus on not just how gorgeous they can restore your carpets to their original state but also making sure they are healthy and safe for you and your family’s use. We are a trusted brand when it comes to cleaning services, and we have been in the industry for quite some time.


    Our Carpet Cleaners Services Cairns Central

    The Best Carpet Cleaners Cairns Central

    Carpet Cleaners Cairns Central

    Carpet Cleaners Cairns Central is the leading provider of carpet cleaning services in Cairns.

    At Carpet Cleaners Cairns Central, we offer a variety of services, including Upholstery cleaning, Steam cleaning, end of lease carpet cleaning, tile cleaning etc. Our services are top-notch and done by a group of professionals who know the right tools and techniques to use. We offer affordable prices without compromising the quality of our services.

    Upholstery Cleaning

    At Carpet Cleaners Cairns Central, we offer complete professional upholstery cleaning, protection & stain treatment for all types of upholstered furniture in your home or office. This includes sofas, couches, lounge suites, ottomans, footstools and more. Professional deep steam cleaning is very effective with great, long-lasting results without costly chemicals or solutions.
    Our upholstery services also include complete protection and treatment of all types of upholstery materials. This includes fabric, leather and vinyl. A protective layer is applied to ensure stains don’t soak in and damage the material while keeping it fresh and clean for longer periods of time. We ensure that we will extend the life of your upholstery and keep it looking new and fresh.

    A sofa being cleaned
    Steam cleaning on a carpet

    Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning is a great way to clean delicate carpets or those damaged at some point in the past. It is also a good choice for people who want to get rid of stains quickly because it pushes dirt out of the carpet rather than pushing it deep down inside where it may never be removed completely.
    Steam cleaning is important because it kills dust mites, pollen, fungi and other bacteria. The hot steam is also great for lifting stains off the carpet, which is more easily removed. Steam cleaning carpets is one of the best ways to remove odours from them because it can kill smells in much the same way that it kills germs.
    The process starts by applying a light detergent all over the carpet or just on particularly dirty areas, then covering that with a protectant that will keep dirt from seeping back into the carpet when it’s dry. Then we use our state-of-the-art truck mount system to inject high-pressure hot steam deep down into the fibres until they are spotless again!

    End of Lease Carpet Cleaning

    When moving out of your rental property, it is important to take the necessary steps in preparing for your final inspection. Carpet Cleaners Cairns Central will help you look great on your move-out day by thoroughly cleaning your carpets and leaving behind a fresh, healthy & pleasant smelling environment that any landlord will love. Please don’t get stuck with an extra charge at the end of your tenancy; call our professional team today to book carpet cleaning after moving out!
    Our carpet cleaners are expert professionals who have the experience to handle even the most stubborn stains on your carpets, including red wine spills and pet stains. We will thoroughly vacuum carpets before pre-treating them, so they are clean and dry when we finish with our amazing job of cleaning them to perfection!

    Carpet cleaning when moving out
    ongoing tile cleaning

    Tile Cleaning

    At Carpet Cleaners Cairns Central we also provide tile cleaning services. We highly recommend our tile floor steam cleaning for your tiles, as it’s a great way of restoring them to their original state. They get highly polished so that you or your customers can use them for a long time. It’s also healthier since the grime is completely removed from the pores of the tiles, so there’s nothing left behind, which gets transferred to your feet later on. Tile restoration entails a proper scrubbing process using a non-toxic agent that restores all types of hard surfaces into their pristine condition, working well with just about any kind of surface.
    To do a proper restoration job on your floor tiles, you’ll need to hire a professional who has the appropriate equipment and knowledge about what kind of techniques get used. Carpet Cleaners Cairns Central will help you in this regard since we’re a company that specializes in bringing back all kinds of floors and furniture to their original state.

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