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Cairns Upholstery Cleaning Services

Looking for Upholstery Cleaning Services in Cairns? When was the last time you deep-cleaned your favourite couch?

We are one of the most prominent upholstery and couch cleaning service providers in the country. From commercial spaces to residential ones, we take care of everything, even if the wear and tear and daily soiling are more intense. Most importantly, we only use the best upholstery cleaner and equipment for furniture cleaning.

Local Upholstery Cleaning in Cairns

Do you know every time you lie, sit, or plop over your upholstered furniture, you are unknowingly harming yourself?

You’ll be surprised to know the answer to this question. Fact is, it results in the release of dead skin, sweat, and food particles (if you eat on your couch) into the fabric. This accumulates dust, mould spores, dirt, and grime. As a result, you are inviting allergens, bacteria, fleas, and dust mites into the fibres of your upholstery.

They all could cause an array of illnesses and allergies. Consequently, they bring in a lot of bad odour in your house. Meanwhile, you can do your bit and clean the upholstery with a damp cloth. But, you will only be cleaning the exterior. The real deal hides inside the fabric. This is where you need an all-inclusive professional couch cleaning service to look after your expensive upholstery.

Above all, our certified, experienced restoration and cleaning specialists provide the results you want. On top of that, we guarantee the best possible customer service.


    Sofa and Couch Upholstery Cleaning

    A tailored approach to upholstery cleaning

    We will take our time with your furniture, examining it from top to bottom. After that, we will determine the best fabric cleaner and the cleaning method to achieve the desired results.

    Remove allergens and dirt from upholstery

    Our furniture cleaning service includes extracting allergens, spots, and dust from upholstery. Most importantly, we only use the safest, yet the most effective cleaning products. This ensures that any residue isn’t left behind after cleaning.

    Steam cleaning that dries within hours

    We use upholstery steam cleaner to tackle stains found on furniture and other smaller surfaces covered in fabrics.

    Upholstery Fabric Cleaning and Protection

    • Enjoy increased durability – our carpet and upholstery cleaner defends against everyday wear and tear. That means you will enjoy the increased strength of your favourite pieces of furniture.
    • Extend your upholstery cleaning life – We ensure that your upholstery remains protected from harmful dirt and spills. For this, we include industry best-practices in our methods.
    • Incredibly safe for pets and kids – if you have kids or pets, you don’t have to worry about the chemicals harming them. We only use kid-friendly and pet-friendly products for cleaning.

    Deodorize and Sanitation

    • Neutralize odours from kids, pets, and more – from pets to kids and foods, your upholstery is filled with odours trapped into the fibres. On your request, we apply a deodorizer that has a long-lasting effect.
    • Altogether remove upholstery smells – we don’t mask the odour but eliminate them. This helps in neutralizing them at their source, instead of covering up the smell. 
    • Give your home a fresh start – a delightful, sweet smell will give your house a nice and clean vibe. Indeed, we make sure that all your upholstery smells nice, giving your home a fresh, clean look.

    Fabric Cleaners in Cairns, Queensland

    We clean all types of upholstery, irrespective of the fabric. Our professional couch cleaning service takes place on materials like:

    • Leather 
    • Linen 
    • Wool 
    • Cotton 
    • Polyester 
    • Microfiber 
    Picture of a hand with a glove cleaning upholstery leather couch with a cloth

    Furniture Cleaning Cairns

    Our furniture cleaning service covers all furniture types with upholstery. It doesn’t matter how old or new the furniture is, our experts know how to deal with each task. Nevertheless, the furniture we clean include:

    • Beds and mattresses
    • Dining chairs
    • Sofas of all kinds and couches
    • Ottomans 
    • Office furniture
    • Restaurant chairs and booths
    • Drapery 
    • Recliners 
    • Carpets, rugs, etc.
    • Loveseat 
    • And more
    Person Steam Cleaning soft fabric Upholstery couch

    Look what our clients have to say

    Join our satisfied customers. We guarantee a prompt response and quality results. All you have to do is make a call, and our certified professionals will be at your doorstep. So, if you want things to be done right, click here and request an appointment.

    Amy D. from Redlynch, 4870

    It was two years since we moved into our new home, and we never had our couch cleaned. It started smelling quite bad. This was when we called the professional couch cleaning guys from this company. All they took was an hour, and our couch was brand-new like we just bought it from the showroom. We really enjoyed their service.”

    Charlotte B. from Cairns North, 4870

    We have a bunch of old furniture at our home that we are reluctant to throw away. My husband called these guys from upholstery cleaning service. He asked them to have the old set of furniture checked and clean. In that way, we can add them to our living room to give it a rustic feel. They inspected the furniture and the fabric and began with the process. It took some time, but now we are happy that we decided not to throw them away.” 

    Person steam cleaning Upholstery back seat of a car with a carpet cleaning machine

    Our Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

    Professional services cleaning should be scheduled once a year for both residences and business offices. In addition, you should always call an experienced provider who knows how to deal with daily soiling and wear and tear.

    With that said, we use the most advanced cleaning tools and products. The best part is that our specialists understand the cleaning codes. So, the cleaning product and device used are following the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Our dedicated approach towards upholstery cleaning includes inspection, preparation, cleaning, and finishing up.

    Shot of a upholstery steam cleaning machine head holded by a person with blue gloves

    Carpet Cleaning Cairns Steps

    • Firstly, our specialists will inspect the furniture and fabric. Here, we will look at cleaning codes. Nevertheless, we understand what fabric it is just by touching it and looking at it. However, it is essential to identify cleaning codes. This helps us in determining the kind of cleaning suggested by the manufacturer.
    • Next, we prep the furniture by brushing it up. This helps in removing debris or loose dirt from the upholstery.
    • After that, we follow cleaning-code-specific best practices. This includes the use of quality products, steamer, and water-based or solvent-based solutions.
    • Finally, we finish up by ensuring that there isn’t any residue left. We will clean and polish the furniture to make it look like showroom-bought.

    Whether it is couches, chairs, or even carpets, we can get your home’s or office’s upholstery back to clean.