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Tile Cleaning Services in Cairns

A better-looking floor improves the overall appearance of your place. Moreover, a clean floor gives little to no room to germs. So you can wander in your house without any worries. But achieving such results from your regular cleaning isn’t possible on tiles. They tend to collect more filth and grime than other floorings. That is why you need to opt for our professional tile cleaning services in Cairns. We ensure complete clean-up of the tiles, making your house look fresher.

Hire Now Your Tile Cleaners In Cairns, QLD

Several people are yet not aware of the benefits of hiring professional tile cleaners. In case you are one of them, you need to know more about these services. A few reasons why you should contact your Tile Cleaners in Cairns are:

  • Better Cleaning: As stated earlier, it isn’t easy to get rid of dirt and grime from tiles. However, our experts are trained for the task. So they deeply clean your tiles without any hassle, and you get cleaner floors.
  • Increased Tile Life: You should know that dirty tiles tend to get in bad shape soon. The cleaner you maintain them, the longer they remain intact. Our professional cleaning services can help you with this. We assist you in keeping your tiles clean. Thus, you need not spend extensive money on their replacement.
  • Hygiene Maintenance: Clean tiles aren’t just important for appearance. Instead, they are crucial for keeping yourself and your family healthy. As dirty tiles contain germs and bacteria, they can make you sick. Therefore, our services ensure your tiles don’t become the reason for your deteriorating health.

    How To Clean Tile Floors?

    To maintain your tile floor’s beauty and strength, you need to maintain them. This means the floors have to be cleaned thoroughly. It makes sure that no dirt or grime makes it unsightly or weak. Our experts suggest the following steps for this deep cleaning:

    • Clean loose dirt/dust with a broom and dustpan
    • Mop the floor with a suitable cleaner
    • Keep refreshing the moping solution
    • Remove stubborn stains or soap residues from grout
    • Dry the tiles

    What Type Of Tile Is Easiest To Clean?

    Different types of tiles have to be cleaned with other processes. This happens because of the distinct design and material of the tiles. If you want the easiest to clean tiles, here is what our experts recommend:

    • Ceramic
    • Porcelain
    • Vinyl
    • Glass
    • Cork
    • Slate
    • Linoleum

    Each of these has a particular reason for their ease of cleaning. While some of them offer less porosity and scratch-resistance, others are anti-microbial and dust repellent. You can pick whichever fits into your requirements. 

    Person using a tile cleaning machine in a Cairns residential property

    Does Steam Cleaning Damage Grout?

    Steam cleaning is opted by several professional cleaners like us to clean the tile grouts. However, we often get queries about the grout getting damaged due to this method. Our experts deny any such problems. The only way steam cleaning can damage the grouts are when:

    • The grouts were already damaged.
    • The cleaning agent used was too harsh.

    Apart from these, there is no way soft steam can damage strong grouts. So you need not worry about that. 

    Wall of filthy tiles recently wiped clean

    Why Choose Tile Cleaning Cairns?

    A few significant reasons why our customers trust us over other cleaners are:


    We have been working in the domain for years. That is why we know how the job is done correctly. This helps us in providing nothing but the best results to you. So you get the desired cleanliness without any hassle.


    Our team consists of professional and trained cleaners. They offer the most reliable services for all your cleaning requirements. Even if you can’t guide them, they will work most finely. Thus, you get a better outcome and a cleaner place.


    For us, your satisfaction is a priority. And our experts work accordingly. We provide you with convenient service and ensure you get the most reliable results according to it. This is the key reason why our customers have trust in us.

    Our team works for you and according to you. Therefore, you get the cleanliness you want with our services.

    person using a tile cleaning hire machine on a white ceramic tile floor

    Can I Rent A Grout and Tile Cleaning Machine For Home Use?

    Yes, it is possible to rent a tile and grout cleaning machine. Various places offer to rent out the equipment for a pre-determined time. The total cost depends on the site from where you are renting. Plus, the duration for which you will be keeping the machine affects the price. However, it would be best if you prefer taking help from professionals, as equipment alone is of no use. You also require the proper skills to get practical and efficient results.

    Person using a hose for cleaning a ceramic tile floor

    How Do You Clean Grout Between Tiles?

    A few steps our experts follow for proper grout clean-up are:

    • We begin by wiping off the loose dirt and dust on the grout. 
    • Then we use warm water and a brush with rigid bristles to scrub the grout. This step cleans the usual dirt and grime.
    • In case the grout is too dirty, our experts use a commercial grout cleaner. These products are designed specifically for the purpose. So they clean even the toughest of stains. 

    The steam cleaning method is also used for grout cleaning. 

    How Much Do Grout And Tile Cleaning Cost?

    The overall cost of cleaning depends on two major factors: 

    – Condition of your place

    – The total area of the place

    Generally, regular grout and tile clean-up costs between $25-$35 per square meter. So if you want to get a specific space cleaned, you can calculate its area. Then multiply it with the cost provided by your cleaner. If your place is too filthy, the prices can rise further. 

    Cleaner using a tile cleaning machine on a commercial floor tile

    How Do You Clean Really Dirty Tile Floors?

    Filthy floors mean additional efforts for cleaning. Our experts start the process by taking away the loose dirt with a broom. After this, we attach the steam cleaner to distilled water and power supply. We use a microfibre cloth on the machine’s cleaner head. This helps in cleaning the floor deeply. Then the machine is turned on, and cleaning is done correctly. In the case of paint stains or disinfection, we add some steps to the process.

    Why Are My Tile Floors Always Dirty?

    There can be three reasons for your tiles to be always dirty:

    • You use dishwashing liquid for cleaning. Washing liquid leaves a thin film on the surface of tiles. That is why they don’t look clean. 
    • Sometimes grout material is left on the tile surface. This happened mostly when the tiler didn’t buff the tiles. 
    • You don’t clean the tiles appropriately. If you don’t scrub, wipe, and clean the tiles properly, they will always look dirty.

    The only solution to these issues is to hire our professional cleaners. We will provide you with the desired results in all conditions. 

    Contact one of our Tile and Grout Cleaners in Cairns

    For any details on our tile cleaning services, you can contact us. We are available for you through phone and email. Our experts will offer you the appropriate solution for your query. So don’t waste your time anymore. Reach us now and receive your free quote to get started.