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Ways to make your Carpet look good as new at home

Change in the season almost always calls for thorough cleaning of your house. Especially after a long and dry winter to make your home look more alive to welcome spring. Carpets shouldn’t be left out of the rigorous cleaning process. To get rid of the stains, spots, and anything else there is, you can take a look at the following steps.

Using an Iron to Remove Stains

You can also make great use of your iron to remove stains in addition to ironing your clothes and sheets to reorganize your closet. To do that you need to vacuum the Carpet first to make there’s no dirt left.

With a wet towel in the solution of water and vinegar dab the stains. Leave the damp towel over them. Taking iron and placing it over the towel will help transfer the particles to the towel. This might not work to remove the stains altogether, and you can try out other methods as well.

DIY Carpet Freshener

You can make a personalized deodorizer at home. Your favourite essential oil mixed in baking soda can do wonders. Additionally, this mixture can be stored for quite some time. You’ll need to vacuum the sprinkled soda after some minutes, and it will work just fine.

DIY Carpet Cleaner

You can now make your carpet cleaner that will provide your carpets with a fresh new look—using a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide, vinegar, dish soap, fabric softener and, hot waterworks. Also, the final mix will be non-toxic and will have the same effect as store-bought products.

Thorough Cleaning

Shag carpets often lose their newness and finish with the routine vacuuming. Their bristles might start shedding, giving them a rough look. To get them back to their original form, you can use the hose-shaped head of the vacuum. This will take longer than usual but will deeply cleanse the dirt. The hose will also allow the fibres to return to their original form without harming the rest.

Carpet Fluffing

To give a new, puffed-up touch to your rough carpets, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water. The mixture can be applied to the stains on the Carpet. You can then use a spoon to fluff up the area by running it in the opposite direction. This method is going to allow the fibres to regain the strength to stand straight. 

Often time’s dents can form in your carpets due to the weight of furniture on them. A way to fluff them up again is by rubbing an ice cube on the dent. After the water gets dissolved, you can get the excess water using a towel. Leaving the towel over the area, iron the towel till you feel the fibres go dry. After the carpet is completely dry, you can fluff it up using your hands.

Cleaning various types of Carpet

There are different ways to clean different types of carpets. It is ranging from low loop carpets to plushy ones, synthetic to ones made of wool. Some of the rugs come with stain protection, whereas some do not. 

The low height carpets work well for areas where there might be a lot of people. However, the stains will be harder to get rid of and will demand your patience. A little effort will go a long way, though. This will also help you save money which would otherwise be spent on new carpeting.

Having a good knowledge of what works for your carpets and knowing their types will also help you in the whole cleaning process.