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Home remedies to keep your tiles clean

Tiles have been much preferred by designers and homeowners alike. Tiles are easier to clean as opposed to carpets. They give a more chic look. However, they provide a much better look than plain carpeting. But a dirty tile can ruin a room’s aesthetic, however good it is.

Therefore, it is imperative to keep your tiles clean. The most common reasons the tiles get smudged and greasy are:

  • Items of daily use that get spilled on floors, including the dust.
  • Poorly ventilated rooms with moisture that causes fungus and moss to grow.
  • The mortar used for tile sticking absorbs more dirt.
  • Accumulation from detergents used for cleaning the tiles.

Cleaning the tiled floors

Routine cleaning of tiles is done by scrubbing and mopping them. However, they do not always provide satisfactory results. Some suggestions to clean the tiles to keep them looking new are:

To prevent stains or marks from becoming permanent, sweep them immediately. Have a regular cleaning routine so the dirt or dust cannot settle in the crooks or crevices of your tiles. After washing with a detergent, use plain water to clean any remnants on the tiles. This will remove any excess chemical from depositing on the surfaces. 

Do not use healthy formulations for your tiles. They can remove their lustre or sealing agent. After taking a bath, mop the tiles and dry them so the moss or fungus cannot grow in a moist environment.

Home remedies for cleaning

Although professional cleaners make your tiled floors shine the brightest, you can try some home remedies in between to keep them looking new. Make your detergent by adding orange or any citrus fruit peels to a container with a quarter of white vinegar. Keep it closed for two weeks.

Add water to your container. Use it for sweeping your tiles, floors, and every surface. They will look fresh and smell clean. Also, it is something you can make in your own home without spending a fortune.

Homemade scrub

Baking soda can be used to make a scrub that can remove the tough stains. Add a quarter cup of baking powder to a quarter cup of white vinegar. Add a drop of your dishwashing detergent and a drop of essential oil for that fresh smell.


Make your detergent using white vinegar, alcohol, and water. Add a few drops of essential oil and dishwashing soap. Spray it onto your tiles and surfaces before cleaning to have a squeaky clean feeling.

Peppermint oil keeps the insects away.

Fungus repellent

Make a solution by mixing equal quantities of lemon juice and baking powder. Use it in any room with a lot of moisture. Later on, wash it with water to prevent the fungus from growing on the surfaces.

Sterilize your tiles

Add a cap of mouthwash to a litre of water. You will get a solution that will kill all the germs and keep your surfaces shiny and clean.

The mixture works well for all types of tiles. But this mixture would not work for your wooden surfaces. But before using any home remedies, check if they would not be damaging to your characters.

Tiles add a modern and clean look to your space, but they come with maintenance. You have to scrub and wash them regularly to keep them looking neat. Professional cleaners do your work easy, but they are costly. So services of this type can only be used once a while.

However, Simple home remedies can be utilized as a part of the daily cleaning routine to prevent grease and grout from accumulating. The home DIYs should be carefully used. Because sometimes they suggest using strong chemicals that can damage your surfaces.